Essdee Assorted Cutters 1-10


The Essdee Assorted Cutters 1-10 Set provides the perfect knife for every cut! They fit the Essdee Lino Handles available here:

Made from high-quality steel, the blades are sturdy, durable, precise, and ensure effortless lino cutting. The cutters in this set of Essdee Assorted Cutters 1-10 Set should be used as suggested below:

  • 1: For fine and intersecting cuts. On SoftCut Lino plates a cutting width of 0.5 mm is possible, on linoleum slightly wider.
  • 2: Universal and well suited for entry. For cuts up to a width of 1.5 mm.
  • 3: Round shape with deep sides for cuts up to 2 mm wide. With a little practice, small circles can be cut with a twisting motion.
  • 4: Wide, rounded V-cutter for 3 mm wide cuts with 45° sides, which ensure a strong printing surface. Ideal for fine details and cuts on open surfaces.
  • 5: Narrow tool for outlines and markings. Especially easy to guide and ideal for round and wavy shapes. Well suited to delineate the background to be removed.
  • 6: For flat, wide cuts. Ideal for laterally limiting the pressure range. Vertically cut, 4 mm circles can be created on SoftCut.
  • 7: Cuts a 3mm wide, flat surface. Ideal for removing larger areas. The high sides prevent damaging already cut edges.
  • 8: Ideal for cutting wide, deeper cuts of up to 6 mm.
  • 9: A deep V-cutter for narrow cuts. Also slides well through stronger material.
  • 10: Similar to L9 but with a wider, rounder V-shape for cuts up to 3.5mm wide. Also good for stronger materials.


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