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You should know by now how much I love journals, and believe in the importance and practice of journaling. Which means you should ALSO know that I am not a fan of shmushy mushy, non-critical, non-realistic and non-evidence-based faux mindfulness and self-realisation. Which is why I’m going to write the description for the Vertellis Chapters Diary myself.

In short, it is absolutely great. It’s hardback black, faux-leather cover makes it sleek enough to be appropriately visible in your ‘important person bag’ (work bag/briefcase) meaning you can take the time to go offline and do some thinking with you anywhere. There are many beautiful diaries that have self-questioning prompts out there, but not all of us would feel comfortable sat at a meeting or in an interview with a bright blue “YOU’RE AMAZING EVERYONE ELSE IS  A H8R: HOW TO REMAIN MINDFUL” notebook poking out of our bag.

The inside pages are mono-tonal, on thick and high-quality paper that has somehow retained the aesthetic feel of newspaper pages.

The questions are direct and simple, with simple response options. However, as you work through the diary, however often that is, there are small tasks suggested for you which aim to put into practice some of the restfulness and mindfulness that you’ve been working with throughout the book.

What is my favourite thing about planners? No dates!

The Vertellis Chapters Diary is not dated and has no day/month/seasonal names in its pages, meaning that you can sit and write on any day, wherever you are and about whatever you are feeling in that moment.

It doesn’t rush you, and fits in with you and wherever you are right now.


  • Black & White design with leatherette cover
  • 5.1” x 8.6”
  • 192 pages of inspiration & daily reflection
  • 13 Themed Chapters, with 7 entries per Chapter
  • Gold ribbon marker
  • BONUS: two beautifully designed postcards in a secret pocket

The pages do not have dates or numbers, so you can write whenever you want to. It’s YOUR story!


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