The Ink Witch Tarot


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The Ink Witch Tarot Deck by Eric Maille is a lovely deck rendered with a vivid spectrum of grey tones, with subtle hints of color scattered throughout.

It is loosely based on the Rider-Waite-Smith featuring traditional themes and symbols found in many tarot decks, with a few modern twists.

The Creator

Eric Maille says “I didn’t necessarily set out to make an explicitly queer deck, but I think that any time you make art and really put your heart into it, your identity will show up; whether that’s your gayness, or the stories and folktales you love, or in my case both. In general, my work is an exploration of the challenges of the human experience and the discovery of the “self.” It describes the irony that we as humans often feel poorly equipped to live out that experience, struggling against our environments, the people around us, and our own emotions. My art celebrates the simple but noble action of living out a human life, and criticises the ways we impede the lives of others.”

You can find Eric on his website or Instagram

  • Standard sized 78 card deck
  • Beautiful vibrant grayscale illustrations with subtle hints of color


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