What does this word mean?


  1. BRITISH: small items used in sewing, such as buttons, zips, and thread

… and also some other things that I have decided will go under this category, such as luxury wool, books about crochet, sewing, knitting and more as well as anything textiles-craft related.

JUST ADDED: Hoops, Aida & more on it’s way!

Everything in this range has been tried, tested and chosen by yours truly. This at least verifies that the ‘how to’ books are helpful, as being dyspraxic and narcoleptic with messed up wrists, I have always struggled with knitting and crochet in particular!

The books I’m selling here I have used myself, and have found them SOO helpful. I really struggle to learn through Youtube videos, though this is of course a fantastic and free way to learn so many new skills. Some of us need silence and a book to repeatedly look at & flick through!

Anyway the books are up on the site now, some smaller items are being added to the site over the next few days, but the full range will be available at our next pop-up!