Pink Pig Sketchbooks

At the stall on Saturday 14th September at HEAD, we will have a number of Pink Pig Sketchbooks on display in different sizes with a wonderful special edition 20% off each one.

Pink Pig sketchbooks are “Handmade in Huddersfield by Hill Dwellers”!

This great Yorkshire company use high quality 150gsm white, off-white and occasionally cappuccino, robust cartridge paper, with a very slight texture that is great for all types of sketching and drawing with pencils, charcoal, pens, paints and inks. Each pad is spiral bound with heavy duty wire and have a beautiful hard cover, coated with handmade thai tissue paper.

Economy Pig

Economy Pigs have one solid coloured front cover – no hand-made Thai Tissue paper – and a plain heavy duty card back cover. Pictures below feature Eco Classic A3 Fat Pig Portrait Sketchbook

Visuals of the available colours of the Economy Pig will be available soon.

Thai Tissue

Classic Thai Tissue Pigs have a front cover made from beautiful Thai Tissue and a back cover made from heavy duty plain card.

Posh Thai Tissue Pigs have both a front AND back cover made from beautiful Thai Tissue.

Visuals of the available colours of the Thai Tissue covers will be available soon.

Please note: at the moment we only have a few of each sketchbook in stock. We will be updating this page and the rest of the site soon so that custom orders can be made regarding the colour of the front/back covers.

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