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These are very difficult times for everyone, but we want you to know that Stationary N’ Stationery is still open for business and will be for as long as the post offices remain open. You can use the code CHEERMEUP10 to access 10% off your basket total, and we’ll have at least two dispatch dates per week.

We work with a lot of Britain-based, small but brilliant suppliers, which means that we have luckily been able to continue making orders from their warehouses despite the current coronavirus restrictions on business practice.

We would just ask that you be patient with us if, for example, an item that you order from our site turns out to be on backorder, as there may be a delay in us getting it in before getting to you. If this were to happen, you obviously will be informed immediately and given the option to either receive a full refund, or wait until we get a delivery. In the mean time, fear not! We have a big ol’ treasure trove of stock at the ready, just waiting to go to a new home.

I recommend grabbing a nice notebook and a fountain pen; what’s the point of working from home if you can’t choose your own super-cute or swearword-ridden stationery?!?!

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UK Exclusive: The Chapters Diary from Vertellis

First Pink Pig Sketchbooks, and then Ohh Deer. We have been very very fortunate to work in partnership with such wonderful and well-respected companies. Stationary N’ Stationery is very excited to be able to add a NEW partner to our record, Vertellis.

What are they about? Simple; they encourage taking yourself offline, putting time aside to think, be and make connections with those around you in meaningful ways.

“Our products are designed to encourage time offline, make space for self-reflection, and spark honest conversations with people you care about.”

You can now order our own special edition ‘Super Sly’ bundle, which comes with a random-designed artist’s fineliner pen (black ink) as well as an beautiful, geometric tote bag.


You should know by now how much I love journals, and believe in the importance and practice of journaling. Which means you should ALSO know that I am not a fan of shmushy mushy, non-critical, non-realistic and non-evidence-based faux mindfulness and self-realisation. Which is why I’m going to write the description for the Vertellis Chapters Diary myself.

In short, it is absolutely great. It’s hardback black, faux-leather cover makes it sleek enough to be appropriately visible in your ‘important person bag’ (work bag/briefcase) meaning you can take the time to go offline and do some thinking with you anywhere. There are many beautiful diaries that have self-questioning prompts out there, but not all of us would feel comfortable sat at a  meeting or in an interview with a bright blue “YOU’RE AMAZING UNICORN EVERYONE ELSE IS HATER UR GREAT: HOW TO REMAIN MINDFUL” notebook poking out of our bag.

The inside pages are mono-tonal, on thick and high-quality paper that has somehow retained the aesthetic feel of newspaper pages.

The questions are direct and simple, with simple response options. However, as you work through the diary, however often that is, there are small tasks suggested for you which aim to put into practice some of the restfulness and mindfulness that you’ve been working with throughout the book.

What is my favourite thing about planners? No dates!

The Vertellis Chapters Diary is not dated and has no day/month/seasonal names in its pages, meaning that you can sit and write on any day, wherever you are and about whatever you are feeling in that moment.

It doesn’t rush you, and fits in with you and wherever you are right now.

I’m a psychology academic alongside the owner of this bonkers little shop, and am often critical of the governmental tendency to recommend Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for all mental health issues, essentially because it is cheap & quick to deliver, and offers short term improvements without addressing any deeper issues or providing ongoing support, like longer term psychotherapy.  This is a personal view that I am expressing for a reason; CBT is such an important and powerful concept to be able to work through with yourself. With practice, one can develop coping strategies that can really change for the better how negative emotions and experiences are dealt with. I strongly believe that journals and worksheets are wonderful for this, and one of the great things about the recent prominence of mindfulness and ‘self-care’ is that people are getting into the habit of learning about, using and habituating truly helpful coping mechanisms from the realms of CBT and other practices.

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SALE! 20% off all Ohh Deer products for the rest of August!

Need I say more? We just got a TRUCKLOAD of new stock in from our lovely partners at Ohh Deer as well, so make sure you check out ALLL the categories, right?!

Discount applied at checkout!

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Return of the Zodiac + BRAND NEW STOCK!

So the wonderful and lovely Ohh Deer have not only provided us with more of the SOLD OUT Zodiac linen daily planner, but also some of my personal favourite from their Papergang subscription series! I didn’t think we would ever be able to stock some of these limited print planners, tote bags and journals, however now I can say that we are proud sellers of a huge range of work from Ohh Deer’s multitude of collaborating artists.

Chunky, linen covered daily planners

We now have ALL best-selling linen daily planners – undated and timeless, therefore perfect – in stock plus 3 x new designs. Choose from bright block colours and beautiful intricate artwork as we can now boast the following amazing designs:

Quirky new diaries, journals and pocket planners featuring some amazing artwork, stickers and detailed, colourful pages

A new range of risograph prints for you to enjoy at home

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Work from home in style

Before you get to our COVID statement, may I draw your attention to the SALE we have on Ohh Deer’s Linen Daily Planners at the moment?

I mean, they are only the most popular planner we sell, and we have only gone and got a whole fresh order in!

These are very difficult times for everyone, but we want you to know that Stationary N’ Stationery is still open for business and will be for as long as the post offices remain open!

The site’s stock count is mostly up to date, however we are currently only able to regularly access just one of our two storage facilities. If there are some items I am not able to get your requested quantity of, I will be in touch ASAP via email with the options of a full refund, or waiting until the stock is back in with a voucher to say thank you for your patience.

We hope that our reasonable prices allow you and your loved ones to treat each other from a distance in this bizarre period, and allow you to work from home with style.

Any concerns or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Much love <3

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As promised… fountain pen bonanza!

Who invented the word ‘bonanza’ and what does it mean? Was it just for marketing? I reckon so. I will look it up in a dictionary and then write it in my notebook in my heavenly limited edition Mint Glaze Lamy Safari fountain pen because, yes, as we promised, we have got a FABULOUS collection of carefully chosen cartridge-based fountain pens in!

I’ve chosen four models of pen, which fall under four categories of feelings regarding the luxury scale of your pen:

  • Fly
  • Super-fly
  • Wow am I the Queen?




Wow am I the Queen?

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Timeless Planner Sale with Free P&P!

Come one, come all, to this organised affair!

We’ve got a super sale on ALL of our Ohh Deer planners because we are so excited to introduce this brand new Zodiac Constellations Daily Planner, which is just too beautiful.

The planners have blank boxes for days and dates, so there is no need to worry about what year it is, or which days you do or don’t use the planner. It won’t go out of date at the end of the year, and you won’t have that annoying feeling of buying a diary part way through the year and the first few months being empty. (At least, I think that is really annoying, maybe other people aren’t as bothered…)

Below are some example images of the inside of the planner.

Our most positive reviews are of these planners, and they are what we have sold most of both around Christmas and post-New Year.

Enjoy the bargain as they are now only 11.95 each with FREE P & P – for free postage and packaging, just add the code ‘sillychorlton’ at check out.

Over and out!

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Introducing local ‘weirdo’ artist, SugaryBenny!

We are SUPER excited to be able to introduce the work of SugaryBenny to our shop both online and at our pop-up events, starting from THIS TUESDAY where we will be at The Tap with our wares 4.30-9.30pm!

Whether it’s neon badges of mad cat characters or slightly twisted Birthday cards, SugaryBenny has got something for you.

His wildlife zines are absolutely exquisite, as you can see from some of these print examples, and each edition (only 18 currently) is hand-marbled and therefore totally unique.

An elusive character, @Sugarybenny described himself as follows:

SugaryBenny is an independent weirdo artist from Manchester. He has a sweet tooth. He likes to draw trippy patterns and weirdo creatures. Available in prints, patches, stickers, pins, totes and cards.

We’ve just added part of his haul of wonders to our site, so check them out here, and more will surely be added over the next couple of weeks.

Are you a local maker and/or artist with crafts & art to sell? Get in touch via our contact form or send me an email:

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Treat Yourself Tuesdays – We’re Back, Chorlton!


First things first – thank you for your patience with us over January. We were very poorly and therefore the shop’s Christmas hibernation lasted about 3 weeks longer than planned. Anyway, we’re back now and really looking forward to our new regular 2020 event…

Due to the huge success of our last event at The Chorlton Tap, we are now ver excited to announce that we will now be there every month for Treat Yourself Tuesdays, where a number of our favourite products from Ohh Deer, Pink Pig and more will be hugely reduced. That way, you can treat yourself to a little pick me up and a brew for less than a fiver!

Anyway keep your eyes peeled on the site for some new additions to our lovely range – in particular the haberdashery – and we look forward to seeing you on the 4th.


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CANCELLED: HEAD Stretford this Saturday

CANCELLED! I’ve left the post as it is below, as the HEAD Market is a great event and is still going ahead (and will be lovely) however we will not be tabling there due to Ellie’s need to get over her various germs. Next pop-up will be announced shortly!

We’re back to the motherland – Stretford – this Saturday for some great tunes and great browsing.

Come along and make the most of our New Year’s generosity buy grabbing up all our lovely Ohh Deer Stock while it remains in the sale!

The New Year’s Sale is on SATURDAY ONLY and will not be available online before hand. So if you DO want something, I suggest you get your mitts on it quickly!

HEAD is where we first started our pop-ups and it will always hold a warm, amazingly well decorated & wheelchair accessible place in our hearts.