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Site Accessibility

This has come far far too late, and is potentially still too little (especially that I am disabled and a passionate advocate for accessibility) but I’m very excited to announce one of our site’s new accessibility features.

We’re in the process of rolling out image descriptions for all images on the site, and in the mean time we have found what seems to be the perfect ‘Accessibility’ hub.

To the left of your screen, there should be a blue circular badge. If you click the badge, a drop-down menu will appear offering the following accessibility features for the website:

  • Disabled Flashes
  • Mark Headings
  • Background Color
  • Zoom Out
  • Zoom In
  • Decrease Font
  • Increase Font
  • Readable Font
  • Bright Contrast
  • Dark Contrast
  • Underline Links
  • Mark Links

One click, and the changes are made not just for the page you are currently on, but for all the pages you click through to on the site. Depending on your cookie preferences, it can also remember your access features on this site for up to 12 hours, so things should be as you prefer them if you decide to pop back later.