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Please note that we have temporarily closed our online store whilst the postal strikes are underway. We will review remaining stock before reassessing whether to reopen in the New Year.

If you have placed an order and not yet received a refund, please email your PayPal address and order number to

There has been an issue with PayPal Business refund process so we are having to issue refunds directly to bank account and Paypal accounts manually.

Thank you for your patience and sorry for the disappointing news!

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Special 2022 Announcements!

Which First… The Good News or The Bad News?

I like to end on a positive, so let’s go with the sad news first. We are going to be winding down the shop this year, with the aim to close the shop by March 2023. It is not a decision that has been taken lightly, but various health and professional commitments mean that I – Ellie, hello – am unable to continue running the shop as well as I would like. If you have any questions about this, or about bulk purchasing, please email

This shop was born of love and parts of it will always live on in some form – it’s become part of my life and I’m not sure I know how to live without it!

We are very greatful to our suppliers Pink Pig Trade, Ohh Deer and of course, all the wonderful local artists whose gorgeous wares we have been fortunate enough to peddle over the years!

We will of course keep you up to date with this, but don’t worry – we aren’t going anywhere just yet… which brings me to the good news!

The Good News

As this is our last year, we are very excited to offer our last ever new product line. We’ve been teasing over social media as to what this might be, but I am now happy to announce that we are now the proud stockists of…

… a beautiful and unique selection of Tarot decks!

More decks will be uploaded throughout the week. Stock is very limited at the moment as this is something of a pilot, but if these prove as popular as we hope, then we will stock more!

Follow us on Insta @snschorlton to share your favourite decks with us!

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We are hugely sorry to say that all orders put through from today (the 8th December) onwards will likely not be able to be posted until the 20th December. This is because the owner, who had been shielding, has contracted COVID and is therefore isolating and unwell. Please feel free to continue to put orders in, but we might not be able to get them on their way to you until the 20th December.

If you are happy to wait for your order, please feel free to use the code STAYSAFE15 for 15% off your entire basket.

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Brand New Range from Ohh Deer & Cath Kidston Now in Stock

We’ve got some gorgeous new stock in from Ohh Deer, including BRAND NEW designs for our biggest seller – the Daily Linen Planner of course – and a whole load of new notebooks designed by Ohh Deer in conjunction with the legendary Cath Kidston.

Check out some of the latest Cath Kidston designs below – all on sale to celebrate their arrival.

We’ve given our regular Daily Planners some company finally with the new arrival of Sage Green, Black, Block Landscape & even Cath Kidston linen covers!

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Site Accessibility

This has come far far too late, and is potentially still too little (especially that I am disabled and a passionate advocate for accessibility) but I’m very excited to announce one of our site’s new accessibility features.

We’re in the process of rolling out image descriptions for all images on the site, and in the mean time we have found what seems to be the perfect ‘Accessibility’ hub.

To the left of your screen, there should be a blue circular badge. If you click the badge, a drop-down menu will appear offering the following accessibility features for the website:

  • Disabled Flashes
  • Mark Headings
  • Background Color
  • Zoom Out
  • Zoom In
  • Decrease Font
  • Increase Font
  • Readable Font
  • Bright Contrast
  • Dark Contrast
  • Underline Links
  • Mark Links

One click, and the changes are made not just for the page you are currently on, but for all the pages you click through to on the site. Depending on your cookie preferences, it can also remember your access features on this site for up to 12 hours, so things should be as you prefer them if you decide to pop back later.

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What3Words Address Info Now Accepted at Checkout!

We are very excited to be able to accept What3Words address information at the checkout stage!

What3Words are an amazing (and life-saving) start-up. They have generated unique, 3 word location names for every 3 metres squared in the entire world. Yes, ‘WOW’ is the correct reaction.

Visit What3Words to find out the EXACT location name of your sofa in your living room, or of the table you sat at in your favourite restaurant. Truly fab!

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UK Exclusive: The Chapters Diary from Vertellis

First Pink Pig Sketchbooks, and then Ohh Deer. We have been very very fortunate to work in partnership with such wonderful and well-respected companies. Stationary N’ Stationery is very excited to be able to add a NEW partner to our record, Vertellis.

What are they about? Simple; they encourage taking yourself offline, putting time aside to think, be and make connections with those around you in meaningful ways.

“Our products are designed to encourage time offline, make space for self-reflection, and spark honest conversations with people you care about.”

You can now order our own special edition ‘Super Sly’ bundle, which comes with a random-designed artist’s fineliner pen (black ink) as well as an beautiful, geometric tote bag.


You should know by now how much I love journals, and believe in the importance and practice of journaling. Which means you should ALSO know that I am not a fan of shmushy mushy, non-critical, non-realistic and non-evidence-based faux mindfulness and self-realisation. Which is why I’m going to write the description for the Vertellis Chapters Diary myself.

In short, it is absolutely great. It’s hardback black, faux-leather cover makes it sleek enough to be appropriately visible in your ‘important person bag’ (work bag/briefcase) meaning you can take the time to go offline and do some thinking with you anywhere. There are many beautiful diaries that have self-questioning prompts out there, but not all of us would feel comfortable sat at a  meeting or in an interview with a bright blue “YOU’RE AMAZING UNICORN EVERYONE ELSE IS HATER UR GREAT: HOW TO REMAIN MINDFUL” notebook poking out of our bag.

The inside pages are mono-tonal, on thick and high-quality paper that has somehow retained the aesthetic feel of newspaper pages.

The questions are direct and simple, with simple response options. However, as you work through the diary, however often that is, there are small tasks suggested for you which aim to put into practice some of the restfulness and mindfulness that you’ve been working with throughout the book.

What is my favourite thing about planners? No dates!

The Vertellis Chapters Diary is not dated and has no day/month/seasonal names in its pages, meaning that you can sit and write on any day, wherever you are and about whatever you are feeling in that moment.

It doesn’t rush you, and fits in with you and wherever you are right now.

I’m a psychology academic alongside the owner of this bonkers little shop, and am often critical of the governmental tendency to recommend Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for all mental health issues, essentially because it is cheap & quick to deliver, and offers short term improvements without addressing any deeper issues or providing ongoing support, like longer term psychotherapy.  This is a personal view that I am expressing for a reason; CBT is such an important and powerful concept to be able to work through with yourself. With practice, one can develop coping strategies that can really change for the better how negative emotions and experiences are dealt with. I strongly believe that journals and worksheets are wonderful for this, and one of the great things about the recent prominence of mindfulness and ‘self-care’ is that people are getting into the habit of learning about, using and habituating truly helpful coping mechanisms from the realms of CBT and other practices.