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These are very difficult times for everyone, but we want you to know that Stationary N’ Stationery is still open for business and will be for as long as the post offices remain open. You can use the code CHEERMEUP10 to access 10% off your basket total, and we’ll have at least two dispatch dates per week.

We work with a lot of Britain-based, small but brilliant suppliers, which means that we have luckily been able to continue making orders from their warehouses despite the current coronavirus restrictions on business practice.

We would just ask that you be patient with us if, for example, an item that you order from our site turns out to be on backorder, as there may be a delay in us getting it in before getting to you. If this were to happen, you obviously will be informed immediately and given the option to either receive a full refund, or wait until we get a delivery. In the mean time, fear not! We have a big ol’ treasure trove of stock at the ready, just waiting to go to a new home.

I recommend grabbing a nice notebook and a fountain pen; what’s the point of working from home if you can’t choose your own super-cute or swearword-ridden stationery?!?!

3 thoughts on “COVID-19 Update: OPEN 4 BUSINESS

  1. I just have a regeust ….can stationary shops still be open for bussiness during the Covid19 lockdown…..caurse i feel it is a need to most bussenest for buying cardtridges and learners for there school projects and othe stuff

    1. Hi Alison,
      We are open because we operate online only at the minute, so there is no risk of contact. Hope that answers your question and let me know if there is anything in particular that you need and I can see if we can get it in for you 🙂

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