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Work from home in style

Before you get to our COVID statement, may I draw your attention to the SALE we have on Ohh Deer’s Linen Daily Planners at the moment?

I mean, they are only the most popular planner we sell, and we have only gone and got a whole fresh order in!

These are very difficult times for everyone, but we want you to know that Stationary N’ Stationery is still open for business and will be for as long as the post offices remain open!

The site’s stock count is mostly up to date, however we are currently only able to regularly access just one of our two storage facilities. If there are some items I am not able to get your requested quantity of, I will be in touch ASAP via email with the options of a full refund, or waiting until the stock is back in with a voucher to say thank you for your patience.

We hope that our reasonable prices allow you and your loved ones to treat each other from a distance in this bizarre period, and allow you to work from home with style.

Any concerns or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Much love <3

2 thoughts on “Work from home in style

  1. Love this! Once I have had my 3rd child (any day now!!) I am going to use this to help me form some kind of routine! If that’s possible!! Thank you x

    1. Hooray! So glad you like it! Congrats on baby numero 3, make sure you keep the crayons and the daily planner at a significant distance from one another 😉

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